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A really slim architectural lantern roof

Posted: Friday, 13 April 2018 @ 13:13

Make sure Your lantern roof is not on the tubby side 


Some roofs pretend to be svelte but are they really masquerading



The Stratus roof is rather slimmer than the average lantern roof, in  fact, up to 66% slimmer.

 I hope the images above may have helped you realise the importance of doing your homework, when it comes to choosing your lantern roof.


The reality, is that there are many companies who are still manufacturing lantern roofs from, what are basically bits of conservatory roof systems.


I imagine that they would be incredibly strong on small span lanterns but the trade off is they look bloody awful!


Stratus is a purpose designed architectural lantern roof instead of a lash up of old conservatory components.


Not only is it incredibly slim but it offers outstanding thermal performance






Not only slimmer but warmer too 


 Stratus is up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium lantern roofs.


Your heating bills are kept low as heat transfer is greatly reduced.


The Polyamide thermal breaks in each rafter section are more than 533 times more thermally efficient than some other aluminium lantern roofs.  




Achieve maximum light with the contemporary design max sizes; 1500 mm width x 3000 mm length


The two way design allows you larger sizing width up to 1500 mm x 6000 mm length


The three way design achieves the maximum dimensions of 3000 mm wide X 6000 mm length 


Available in any RAL colour 

Thanks to our inhouse colour coating system we can manufacture Stratus roofs in any colours both inside and out allowing you to match existing paint styles or chose a colour you simply like.The standard colour ranges are crisp white and Anthracite grey RAL 7016.


All our stratus roofs are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit and can be supplied in range of glazing options to achieve very low sealed unit U values of 0.9. 

The lantern roof online roof ordering system is currently under construction please contact us for pricing 



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