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ALUK Bi-fold Doors

Aluk bifolds are they worth paying extra for ?

In short yes! 

But the Aluk door costs approx £300 more than our own Neofoldz brand so why is it better?


Aluk bi folds have several unique features that many other doors don't


  • Unique  retractable T handle on the slave door.See video below of the T handle, you can only get a handle like this on an ALuk door all other bifolds use a raised pivot handle.For many buyers the T handle alone is enough to chose Aluk.We think it's great!



  • Tandem wheel bogies  The door sashes glide along on 4 stainless steel wheels, two either side on twin stainless steel tracks just like a train track.What this means it's operation and sliding action is incredibly smooth,even when you reach the maximum pane height of 3000 mm it glides effortlessly.It's not that our other bifolds are rubbish it's  just that the Aluk door is in a league of it's own.


           aluk tandem wheel bogie


  • The hinges are effectively the working part of your bifold door and the amount of metal in the aluk hinge is quite frankly amazing.It really does weigh a massive amount, you can get cheaper hinges and we  actually fit them on our Neofoldz product. The Neofoldz hinge works perfectly.It's just that the Aluk hinge has that reassuring solidity the type of feeling you get from closing 'thunk' on the door of a premium German car 

                     aluk hinge




  •   Slim sculpted sash The door sash meeting style, the bit where two sashes meet  is only 140 mm wide which whilst not the slimmest we offer our Neofoldz is slimmer at 115 mm.The Aluk sash has a contoured radius edge on the outside of the door giving it a contemporary look.




  • Aluk is a company with pedigree  I've visited Aluk a few times over the years and the lasting impression is that of a company who are simply very good at what they do.That passion is reflected in the excellence of there products.They have a very loyal, nearly fanatical following in the trade and I must admit to having a soft spot for them.
  • Open up a corner completely  With a sliding corner post. We have a movable corner post available to achieve a  fantastic vista opening.This system is designed for where you have two bifold doors meeting in a corner setting,you can use them on a Conservatory roof.The corner post is fixed to one of the doors and moves  away as the doors open.Using a sliding corner post or floating mullion allows  for a 90° corner bifold door to be designed without the need for a separate brick pier or conventional  aluminium corner post.

floating mullion bifold door




aluk bifold sash

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