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bifold doors in Coventry a Spanish connection

Posted: Tuesday, 3 April 2018 @ 12:33

Bifolding doors from Spain to Coventry 


It might seem a strange connection, Spanish aluminium to Coventry but we've been buying our aluminium bifold door profiles from one of Europe's largest aluminium companies for several years now.


We decided to visit the companies head quarters in Padron, Spain just outside the town of Santiago Compostella.To see the neofoldz profile being pressed from raw aluminium. 




The aluminium is first heated up to 500 c to soften it .Then the heated billet weighing a 100 kg is loaded in the press.

The aluminium is then pushed through a steel dye tool which creates the shape of the profile.


 aluminium billet




The heated aluminium is squeezed through the dye and extruded in a long length up to 40 meters in length.

The aluminium is raw ie unpainted and must either be powder coated or anodised.

Then the front and back pieces of the new section must be rolled into the polyamide thermal break.






The Aluminium profiles enter a vertical powder coating machine.The profiles are washed and scrubbed prior to entry into the coating unit.Any RAL colour can be applied to the profile.


The powder coating results in a layer approx 100 microns thick









The raw aluminium profiles can also be anodised in an a variety  of colours.


To achieve this the aluminium is heated in water and then the surface keyed in an acid bath.

The application of the anodising process is done using electrolysis which deposits a metal coat of approx 40 microns thick.




Another finish can be applied to the surface of the aluminium either inside or outside faces


A foiled wood grain effect.This item is available to special order only and has an extended lead time 



 The finished profiles are stored in an automated racking system and delivered to us in Coventry once a fortnight.  

If you require any further information please contact us or why not drop by our Coventry factory and see our showroom doors.Or get an online bifold quote here 

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