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coloured upvc windows

Posted: Tuesday, 27 February 2018 @ 19:23


      UPVC windows in any colour you wish inside and out


 When I started in double glazing nearly 30 years ago,the colour white accounted for 98% of all orders. To achieve a coloured finish it was necessary to apply a coloured 'wrapper' or laminate over the upvc profile.The foil had a grain effect in an attempt to replicate a real woodgrain. I can tell you the grain effect was totally uniform and looked most unnatural! 

Today's foils are slightly better especially the Irish oak foil effect which has random knots and swirls on it's face to llok like real wood. A strong adhesive is used to apply the foil on to the profile and some foils have been known to delaminate.Luckily we use a RENOLIT EXOFOL MX foil which is regarded as the market leader.

We supply about 8 different foils the most common being anthracite grey outside with white as the internal colour, it has a fine grain effect.


More colours more choice & Dual colours with  Elysiam 

 A few years ago we invested in a lineal spray machine.This allows us to apply a solvent based 2k paint to the surface of the profile inside or out.The profile is treated to a coronal discharge to achieve a dyne level of 30,prior to coating,the  paint forms a molecular cross bond with the surface of the profile resulting in an unbelievably tough finish.We gave the process the brand name Elysiam it can be applied to both UPVC and aluminium profiles.


10 year guarantee on our coloured windows 

 We use Kolorbond paints which come with 10 year guarantee even in coastal locations.


What colours ?

Like fashion colours change but currently we spraying a lot of RAL 7016, RAL is a German paint system. The system was developed in 1927 in Germany and stands for ReichsAusschuss für Lieferbedingungen. RAL 7016 also known as anthracite grey makes a white UPVC window look like an aluminium window,due to its flat paint finish, unlike foils.


Other colours 

We can paint in dual colours so rather than opting for white on the inside we can apply another paint to the inside that is different to the external colour.We can mix paints in any Farrow and Ball colour ways as well as Dulux colours

Please contact us for full details of our Elysiam colour system or get a quote online.



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