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Which is the best value UPVC French door?

Posted: Monday, 12 March 2018 @ 19:43

Which is the cheapest UPVC French door then?

The lowest priced one or is it?


I was walking through our showroom area one morning last week (admiring the newly hoovered flooring) and I heard a customer asking one of our Designers,there actually sales people who's job it to sell you something that fits your needs and requirements, but Designers sounds less double glazing sales man like.The PC brigade are firmly entrenched in Double glazing these days, sadly.

The customer said 'But which is the cheapest french door you do then ?' 

the Salesman Jag his been with us 15 years said '£379 +vat'

'I don't want to pay more than £250 inc. Surely you can do it cheaper' - replied the customer.

I stepped in after introducing myself. I explained '

'Yes we can do a cheaper french door, I've one outside,I can show you that is lot less than £250'

I took the customer to a French door that had been returned by one of our trade customers for recycling.

'There you can have it for £180 +vat ' I said

'But it's old and not as good as the one inside, it only has one handle and is the glass A rated?' he asked questioningly

The Motto of this story and it really did happen is 'The lowest priced French door is not what you want'


The best French door at the lowest price is what people generally want, I've found that true,in my nearly 30 years of manufacturing,marketing and selling double glazing. I had a look at our competitors websites and I'd advise you too as well and some for example will charge £100 for an extra handle.

We stopped putting single handles on French doors about 15 years ago Why?


  • It's a lot less secure your reliant on a tiny finger bolt top and bottom to secure the slave door
  • There's only two locking points on the slave door
  • The casting they make the finger bolt is extremely weak it can be broken easily.
  • you have to bend down to open the Slave door
  • You don't get an external handle
  • There is no key locking

We still have people email us and ask does your door include the glass? does it include the frame ? I guess that are prices appear to be good to be true and they feel duty bound to ask There's a list here of popular door questions

Our French doors start at £396 +vat and that covers any door up to 1499 mm wide. You get two handles well four actually, two on the inside two on the outside.Also six keys that will open either door leaf the correct term is keyed alike.

In addition we fit YALE locks yes they cost us more but I've always been of the mind don't sell anything you wouldn't buy myself John. They work better, they have a lifetime guarantee and what's more we haven't had one fail in the last five years.

We use a door hinge that allows adjustment in all three directions vertically,laterally and  in/out (compression) there's six of them on every door sometimes eight if it's special order.In addition like the locks it's tested to PAS 24 and with a 10 year guarantee against mechanical failure.

Reinforcement we use a lot of steel reinforcement in our french doors why ? UPVC French doors can be problematic unless you use steel reinforcing  virtually everywhere inside the profile. Luckily we do so the doors work they way there mean't too.

We can offer low thresholds that comply with Part L of building regulations.Our standard threshold is 70 mm high our low threshold is less than 15 mm and is supplied with separate wheel chair ramps.

The man actually bought both sets of french doors the old set that was going to recycling,he put them in his shed.I'm delighted to say he also paid £396 for a new set as well.


Yes you might be able to buy cheaper UPVC french doors but I can hand on heart say if you'll be find hard pushed to find french doors that offer better value than the ones we sell and if you do happen to find some please let us know.








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