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Conservatories Planning Permission | Ufit Conservatories

Conservatories planning permission

'Oh you'll definetly need planning permission for a conservatory' is what a great deal of people still believe.After all it's an extension isn't it? Well it used to be required, but In October 2010 conservatory planning permission was dramatically changed and is now partly covered within permitted development.You will not need planning permission for conservatories providing certain conditions are met.

Planning permission for your Conservatory will you need it yes or no

basically as long as your house is not in a national park,has more than 50% of the land around it (front and back garden) clear you will probably be ok.There are still size limitations the numbered guide below is more comprehensive

if your intended Conservatory falls foul of any of the following it's a No and you would have to submit a detailed planning permission for your Conservatory.

  1. houses within designated land its a total no,designated land is national parks, world heritage sites
  2. If the area to be taken up by the new conservatory and any existing extensions,garages,sheds and outbuildings exceed more than 50% of the land around the house it's a no, remember not to include the original house
  3. Conservatories on the front or side of a house, that fronts a high way is a no
  4. Conservatories on the side not fronting a highway must not be more than twice as wide as house
  5. Conservatories that exceed 4000mm high from the ground ( a standard height is between 2400- 3300mm)
  6. Must not extend out by more than 3000mm on a semi or terraced house
  7. Must not extend more than 4000mm on a detached house
  8. maximum ridge height must not exceed that of the house

The permitted developments now allowed for conservatories have meant that we now find it very rare for conservatories to require planning permission.This in itself is a large time and money saver as otherwise you'd have to have plans drawn up by an architect and then submitted to your local planning department.David Cameron apparently is very keen for Conservatories to be seen as an aspirational purchase

There is a very handy guide to Planning Permission for Conservatories at the governments  conservatory planning portal

If you require clarification on Conservatory planning permission please call us on 0800 389 0595 and we'll try and answer your questions or submit your details online for a conservatory quote

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