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A collection of our customers conservatories please scroll to see all pictures.All our self build conservatories are made to measure so you can get exactly the size you require.We have helped many people overcome difficult or unusual installations.

This is a gable ended conservatory, or sometimes called a pavilion style. They give you a massive amount of interior roof space. Inside they feel very cathedral-like because of the sense of space you experience.

The gable part of the conservatory sits above the frames at the front. This can be plain glass or, as in this example, contain an internal Georgian bar design. Alternatively, the bars can be made with window frames. Although more expensive, it does look better in our opinion.

This conservatory is a good example of Georgian bars inside the conservatory unit, which matches the rest of the house. If Georgian bars are over done (i.e. too many squares), it can look very wrong.

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“Self build conservatory with gable end”

In this conservatory the roof has been glazed with 35mm thick opal polycarbonate, which provides excellent thermal insulation and a very high reflective index to sunlight.

When people build a conservatory, they often ask whether a glass roof or polycarbonate roof is best. 35mm Polycarbonate can give excellent 'U values' down to nearly 1.0 (the equivalent insulation value of a cavity brick wall). Also, you can reduce the amount of light entering more cheaply with a polycarbonate roof.

However, you just can't beat the great 'sky inside' feeling you get from a glass conservatory roof. In very heavy rain, a glass conservatory roof is very quiet, compared to a polycarbonate one.

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“DIY conservatory with opal polycarbonate roof”

This gable ended DIY conservatory has had the roof glazed with standard toughened glass. It has no coating, which allows maximum light transmission.

The conservatory has a double gable, one each end. You can see the mullions' vertical sections coming up from the windows below. The side that is joined to the house has a box gutter. This is an aluminium channel section that takes care of the roof drainage on the house side.

There is an electric roof vent on the left hand side. The horizontal bar you can see is called a 'tie bar'.

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“Gable ended self build conservatory”

This glass-roofed conservatory is a true custom style. The rear of the house is not even - it goes around a corner. The customer also wanted a pitched roof. We solved this with a cut out box gutter that follows the brickwork at the back of the house.

The front section is a square P-shaped conservatory. It looks most impressive. We like the fact that the customer has carefully sourced the bricks to match those in the house.

The roof is a low 'e' iron glass to give excellent insulation.

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“Square  T Shaped self build conservatory”

This is a white full-height glass Victorian DIY conservatory. This style gives maximum light and requires minimal brickwork to the base.

The guttering downpipe feeds into a water butt. This is a great way of sorting out drainage from the roof without putting a soak way down. The other advantage is that a water butt allows you to water the garden for free. A four feet-high water butt holds about 40 gallons.

The conservatory roof is glazed with opal polycarbonate. This, at first glance, looks white but gives maximum sunlight deflection. In a south facing conservatory opal polycarbonate is a good choice. Neighbouring properties are also unable to see in to your conservatory.

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“Full-height Victorian DIY conservatory”

This DIY conservatory, a narrow Edwardian, has an L-shaped box gutter running down the house wall and the end wall. The main advantage of the box gutter is that it allows a pitched roof to be used against the rear wall of the house.

The conservatory box gutter is custom-made from welded aluminium and can be fabricated to follow the contours of the house. The box gutter allows water from the conservatory roof to flow down and drain away through the main conservatory guttering system.

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box gutter hipped conservatory

This light oak conservatory has a mullioned gable end on the right-hand side. Gable end, or pavillion style, conservatories generally have a ridge height of approx 3200mm. This can be altered by having a lower pitched roof, or a hipped back on the conservatory roof leading on to a box gutter.

The light oak finish is available on both inside and outside profiles or on just the outside face.

The French doors on the front have had a high level transom specified to line up with the transom in the windows next to them.

The ground is sloping away at the front of the conservatory and the brick work at the front is higher than normal.

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“Self build conservatory in light oak with gable end”

This white edwardian conservatory has another box gutter at the rear and along the side.The white down pipe can be seen draining into the black down pipe on the left.

We are increasingly finding that many customers are looking for a full height roof as in a hipped edwardian style opposite.The Conservatory box gutter allows a full height roof to be fitted to a wall 2200mm high.

This conservatories roof is also glazed with clear toughned glass.Except that on the side facing the neighbour obscure pattern glass has been used.

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“Edwardian self build conservatory”

This white Edwardian conservatory has had the roof glazed with opal 35mm polycarbonate, which, as you can see, is almost opaque. It's most suited to a sunny south-facing conservatory.

The French doors on the front also have double handles. Many DIY conservatories sold as kits have just the one handle. The other door is operated by finger bolts, top and bottom. Our conservatories have two with matching keys, which means better security.

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“Edwardian DIY conservatory”

Inside of Bespoke Conservatory.Notice the French doors opening into the conservatory,underneath the box gutter.

The Roof is glazed with Activ Pilkingston clear glass not quiet as trasnslucent as clear toughned but it has the added advantage of being a self cleaning glass.

Plants can be grown  in a conservatory but unless the humidity is high enough you would be best with cactuses/desert plants.

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“Bespoke self build conservatory”

This partially installed conservatory, shows the front being properly prepared for bi folding doors.The large aluminum subframe is fitted to provide maximum rigidity for the folding doors below.

You can fit Bi fold doors into aconservatory without a subframe in fact most of our competitors do but you will be constantly adjusting the doors to get them to work well.

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“DIY conservatory with aluminium subframe”

Large white Victorian conservatory glazed with clear toughned glass.

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“Large Victorian DIY conservatory”

Box gutter Hipped Victorian style roof.This one is a bit of everything really but it just goes to show how versatile we are.We make all our conservatories to your exact sizes which means they fit really well.

If you buy an off the peg modular conservatory you may have to alter it,to get it to fit.This can lead to gaps and leaks -neither of them any good.

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“Self build conservatory with hipped roof”

Full height glass lean too style.Notice how low the back of the conservatory is approx 2400mm.Using alow pitch roof allows a lean too conservatory to be used against the walls of extensions and flat roofs.

A full height wall neans that less brick work is required and hence the costs are lower.When designing your own conservatory you can specify the height of the dwarf wall if any and the width of it.

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“Lean-to style DIY conservatory”

This White DIY Victorian conservatory has an unequal width facet on the front.This feature is only avialble on bespoke conservatories,kit or shed type diy conservatories are equal widths on the front.

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“Victorian style DIY conservatory with hipped roof” 

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