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conservatory glass roof

A glass roof is more energy efficient, helping you save money and keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter - and its more visually pleasing!

Our high performance glass range includes solar control, tinted and low maintenance glass, so will keep your room at the right temperature and the glass cleaner for longer.

A glass roof allows more light transmission than polycarbonate and better sound attenuation when it rains. A glass roof incorrectly specified ie just toughened clear glass can lead to the conservatory being two hot in Summer and too cold in Winter.

Pilkingtons Activ is a self-cleaning glass that can also be specified with low emissivity coatings known as Low E combining self cleaning and thermal performance in one unit.

The Activ range comprises; Activ clear – self-cleaning only, Activ - blue / Activ - bronze / Activ - sunshade neutral and blue – self-cleaning and thermal performance.

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You are able to personalise your conservatory to make it your own. From cresting to finials, heating to lighting and furniture to flooring, there’s so much to choose from. Due to modern production techniques you’re now also able to pick coloured PVC-U to give it the effect of real woodgrain. You’re also able to match your kitchen or wooden floor by having your conservatory light oak on the inside.!

Colour Range

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