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How Much Do Conservatories Cost? | Ufit Conservatories

How much do conservatories cost

One could say how long is a piece of string!, when deciding how much a conservatory should cost.Because there is a tremendous variation in the cost of conservatories.I can recall the cheapest conservatory we ever sold was just under £900 it had two existing full height side walls.So it consisted of a lean too roof two windows at the front and a single door.The customer was delighted, even though it was tiny. He bought in a few bottles of the home brew wine,he fermented in it.( no one drank it,it was Christmas).

At the other end of the scale we supplied a conservatory that cost £38,000. Admittedly is was for a Hotel dining room and sat about 120 people.So the answer of how much does a Conservatory cost is between £900 and £38,000 maybe more and unlikely less.There is a company online selling a conservatory that cost £995 or that's what it says on their website.I've got a good mind to buy one just to see how big it actually is,as I can't find any size details on their website.

What affects the cost of a Conservatory

Conservatory costs as you probably know by now are related to the size width and projection,the style of roof and glazing options. The cheapest way to get a large conservatory is to buy a wide lean too conservatory, with few opening windows and a single door something say 6000mm wide approx 20 feet and 3000mm projection about 10 feet would cost be bought from us for under £2700 which is 200 sq/ft £13.50 per sq/ft which is miles and miles cheaper than a garden shed! And a room you can use all year round.The really good thing is that you won't need planing consent a conservatory of that size.

I guess that if you budget about £3000 -£4000 for the DIY conservatory cost exc base work you will get something pretty fruity.A glass roof certainly and plenty of opening fanlights.You can go quiet mad with various specifications.The fundamentals are when buying a conservatory

  1. how big a space do you really want or need?
  2. Will you want to use it all year round?
  3. How much do You want to spend ? I know as little as possible,but having a budget is good

Hopefully this will give you an indication as to how much do conservatories cost, get a conservatory quote from us

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