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UPVC Front Doors -here are some of the questions  we are frequently asked about DIY UPVC doors some are more complex than others.If You'd like to see our range of Front doors  DIY front Door price they start from £250+vat

1) Does the price include the frame?

Yes, All  DIY UPVC Doors are supplied with the outer frame.The UPVC  Door leaf is fixed by there hinges  to the Door outerframe.

2) Are Your DIY UPVC Doors Internally beaded?

Yes. All our products have the glazing bead on the inside so are internally beaded sometimes called internally glazed

3) Are Your DIY UPVC Doors supplied with the glass or panel in place?

Doors are supplied Unglazed with the glass sealed units not glazed in.The sealed units or Door panel must be toe & heeled once the unglazed DIY UPVC Door has been fitted plumb and square in the brick work.Preglazed DIY UPVC doors that have been glazed in factory conditions can't replicate individual site installations.

4) Can you make my UPVC DIY doors to 925mm wide by 2075mm high ?

Yes we make all our DIY UPVC doors to your sizes they are not off the peg there are limits to how big we can go but with the addition of a top box or sidelights we can cover most sizes.Please contact us if your brick opening is larger than 1000mm wide X 2230mm.

5) Is an external cill supplied and should I include it in my height that I give you?

Yes an external 150mm cill is included in the price.The height you supply us must be the brickwork opening sizes minus the fitting tolerance normally opening size -10mm.We will deduct the cill height 30mm from the overall sizes and make the french doors to that height with the cill added back on it will be the correct height.

6)Do the DIY doors come with a frame thats fixed into the brickwork.

Yes Your DIY UPVC Door comes with a UPVC door outerframe that is bolted into the brickwork

7)how much is it to deliver one door to, scampton lincoln ln12uq

All our DIY UPVC Front doors cost £48+vat to be delivered in the UK mainland excepting Scottish Highlands which costs £72+vat 

8) Im looking for a new DIY front door, tried your online pricing but it doesnt give you an option of glass in the panel. Im looking for a panel with clear glass. It does now.front door price


9)what is the door frame thickness 60mm or 70mm?

The Door outerframe thickness is 70mm front to back

10) do you do low threashold for front residential doors with wide access for wheelchairs

Yes you can select a storm guard threshold with ramps please advise the width of the clear opening you require

11) Hi, is your company FENSA registered?. Does your DIY UPVC Doors come with the FENSA certification. Many thanks.

No we don't install any UPVC doors please read about FENSA information

12) i own a static mobile home in northampton 1,do you do DIY UPVC doors without letter box 2,do you do doors to fit mobile home it is double glazed

Yes You can have a UPVC Front Door without the letter box and yes we can supply a special outerframe known as an odd leg to lip round the wall.

13)im thinking of buying a window and DIY UPVC  front door and collecting it as you have as high price for delivery.

Yes you can collect from our factory or one of our dealers

14)I am interested in a DIY UPVC back door, opening outwards (into garden!), Left hand hung. I read that you include a 150mm cill. Am I to take that into account when giving brick-to-brick measurements, or will the 150mm cill included as part of the door?

Please supply your brickwork opening sizes if you require a cill we will deduct for it when we make the door

15)hi, im interested in buying a DIY UPVC door from you, the opening i have for the door will require an over panel above the door. Can you please tell me if your company could supply this panel?

Yes you can order a upvc door with a top box opening or fixed please contact us for a price 

16) Hi, I am looking to get a window made up which goes next to a UPVC  front door, window is 1970mm tall by 495mm wide, could ypu please give me an idea of the cost with a single double glazed non opening window and obscure glass. I would ideally like it in white frame with white georgean bars in the double glazed unit.

Yes we can supply a sidelight that fits next to the UPVC door or a complete UPVC frame with glazed sidelight attached

17)Could you tell me please if you manufacture a DIY UPVC  back door of full glass. If so what sort of price is a standard size door, please.

Thanking you in anticiaption.

Hi we make all our DIY UPVC doors to maesure ie your sizes price will depend on exact sizes

18) I would like to purchase a DIY  UPVC front door but have a couple of queries as follows:
1) Can a cat flaap be added to any of the front door styles. (DIY)
2) Can you change glass to obscured non patterned glass and at what cost?
3) Does measurement include frame?

A cat flap can only be added to a shiplap panel (its virtually flat).Yes the glass can be any pattern you require.The sizes you give us must be the opening brickwork sizes.

19)Looking to buy a pre-hing DIY  upvc front door. My query is re the gold pad handle. I understan that when the door is shut it automatically locks and needs a key to regain entry: would it need a key to exit from within the house as well as from outside?

No you would not need a key to open the upvc door from the inside only the outside

20)I would like to know how long wiil it take to deliver an extrnal  DIY Upvc door if we place the order today?

Delivery times are normally within 10 working days for white doors coloured doors may take longer please ask at time of order.

21) Hi, im wanting to order one of your DIY UPVC doors, however its essential that I have a spy hole on my door - I cant see this on any of your doors though?
Yes we can supply a spyhole in panels that don't have glass in at eye level

22) I have been looking at one of your front UPVC doors and I was wondering if the minister glazing is double?
Many thanks

Hi the double glazed units in our UPVC door panels are 24mm thick and have two panes of glass

23) I just need a UPVC door panel rather than the door can you supply this?

Yes we can supply just the infill panel please contact us 

24) Can I have my UPVC doors in a different colours to white?

Yes we can manufacture your UPVC  doors in a wide range of colours.

25) Can I order Chrome,gold or black handles on DIY UPVC doors?

Yes you can choose the handle colour


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