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Double Glazing, FENSA & CERTASS Certificate| U-fit Double Glazing

What is it for?
Basically it is a scheme to ensure that replacement upvc windows fitted by window installation companies are energy efficient it’s for window fitting businesses only and does not cover windows fitted by homeowners.

When does it apply from?
Any upvc window and most doors installed after April 1st 2002 at the time of writing.  Conservatories are exempt and doors which have less than 50% of there surface area covered by glass.

Who decided this?
Tony Blair or some other half wit on the back of the Kyoto summit who thought it might reduce our carbon emissions if the windows were of a standard thermal performance known as U value (it does not account for bad fitting which might mean heat loss ruining the whole idea!)

What if I buy windows and fit them myself ie (DIY)
The person who fits the windows into the brick work is responsible for ensuring that the window complies with the building regulations (you can’t join FENSA it’s for businesses) .You must get approval that your windows comply with building regulations from your local authority the cost of doing this varies from £75 - £150 depending on which local authority you come under.

A building control inspector will visit your home and check that the windows comply with the building regulations and give you a certificate saying the windows do (he won’t be judging your fitting skills! just the window specification) you can do it all online here http://www.submitaplan.com

What happens if I don’t bother with getting a Certificate?
Nothing will happen until the days comes when you decide to sell your house.  The solicitors involved will be asked by the mortgage lender to make sure that the windows if fitted after April 1st 2002 comply with building regulations.

No certificate no sale.  Don’t worry though as you can get a certificate from building control issued before you sell your home it normally takes about 2-4 weeks to get it or you can buy an insurance policy called Building regulation indemnity insurance which protects you if your local council take enforcement action (highly unlikely). The cost of the insurance policy is about £50 - so you can do the maths and decide what you prefer - £50 insurance policy or £100+ certificate.

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