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How To Survey UPVC Windows | U-fit Double Glazing

“Letting people survey their own windows? You must be mad!” we were told over 10 years ago by UPVC windows surveyors!

Since then we have supplied more than a few DIY windows (approx 40,000), and in that time we’ve had very few major problems, so it's not rocket science!

Please have a quick look at the film below. It won’t win an Oscar, but it has all the basics covered. If you’re surveying a bay window or bow window, please see info here.

All windows are measured and viewed from outside the house - i.e. in your garden.

The written version;

Measuring to find the size for your new UPVC windows is easy and takes literally a couple of minutes. The key point to remember is that you are not actually measuring the size of the old window but the size of the brick opening.

You will be fixing the UPVC frame into this opening. Therefore, the frame you order must be smaller by approx 10mm than the smallest brick opening size, so make sure you measure the brickwork in at least three places to find the smallest size.

We work in millimetres (mm) and require your order or quote to be in mm. If you work in inches, remember that an inch is 25.4mm and 1/8 of an inch is 3mm. To convert inches to mm, multiply the inches (in decimal form, e.g. 20.25”) by 25.4.

If you get stuck with a survey, please email us with your question and a few pics and we will try to sort you out: surveyhelp@upvcdoubleglazing.co.uk

Want a quick estimated price for now? window quote

Don’t use this old double glazing salesman’s dodge! They didn’t want to get wet or cold by going outside, so they gave a quote from measuring the windows from inside the house whilst holding a cup of tea. Do not use this method for doing a final survey for your new windows - you have been warned!

Choose the style you want then enter your measurements to get your free window quote. We will give you a rough guide price. Because we price in 100mm increment steps, you could stay in the same price band, when you do your survey proper, or trip into the next band up.

U-fit pink van survey service
If you would prefer us to survey your windows for you, please email us your postcode and we can give you a price for us coming out to you in a pink U-fit van.

It’s not cheap if you only have a few items. We price it on a return trip from Coventry to you plus labour. Someone 50 miles away would pay approx £125, which, if you have one window, works out to be quite expensive, however, if you have 10 windows, it’s a bargain! If you have a high order value (£2500+) and we like the sound of your email we will be glad to do it FREE, if you’re within 100 miles of Coventry.

The bottom line is that a survey is not rocket science!

Take your time and remember the following golden rules:

• Measure twice, order once

• Measure the outside brick opening

• Measure in several places to find the smallest size

Remember - if you have any questions or problems, please contact us.


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