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Standard UPVC Windows Specification | U-fit Double Glazing

Information and data that’s useful to know when buying any quality UPVC double glazing window.

Since 1996 we haved manufactured the Synseal Shield and Synergy systems extruded in Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire.

Our Windows are manufactured from profile supplied by Synseal Extrusions Ltd, which are Kitemarked to BS7413 (Licence no. KM30983) and BS7950/7413 (Licence no. KM41324)'.

Synseal Shield profiles have been assessed by the BBA, Assessment report no. 1672 and no. 2519.

All Shield window and door profiles are extruded from 100% virgin compound and are not diluted with second or more generation of reground extrusions

Shield Physical Properties of PVC-U Type A Material 3mm external wall thickness nominal

material: acrylic modified high quality impact resistant,white unplasticised poly vinyl chloride extrusion to produce a rigid multi-chamber extrusion

Grade reference: SYN10 white 01

physical properties: complies with BS EN 12608 2003

colours: mahogany,white,cherrywood,golden oak,grey,black brown,dark red,blue,green,cream

Apperance: smooth,white,non-prous gloss surface woodgrain renolit foil

Surface Finish: stabilised against UV light to prevent excessive colour shift.It meets the requirements of BS EN 12608 when used in the EU moderate climate.

sound insulation: 30db Minimum

Thermal conductivity at 20C: typical test value 016W/M dec C PVC-U has a low thermla conductivity and virtually constant over a wide temperature range.

Heat reversion: To BS EN 12608 clause 5.5

Heat ageing: To BS EN 12608 clause 5.7

Resistance of impact: To BS EN 12608 clause 5.6 class 2

Heat resistance softening point : To BS EN 12608 minimum vicat 5kg softening point.Typical result 82 c this is well above the the requirements of the UK and German specifications.

Apparent Modulus of Elasticity: To BS EN 12608 minimum requirement 2200mpa value when tested to ISO 178 typicla result 2350mpa.

Retention of impact strength after Artificial ageing: To BS EN 12608 2003 minimum 60% of original value specified when tested to EN 513

Colour Fastness: after exposure in accordance with EN 513 moderate EU climate zone,the change in colour between the unexposed test specimens expressed in value E shall not be >5 & B* not >3.The determination of the change in colour is in accoradance with EN 513.

Bulk density of powder blend: Typical test value 0.63-0.64

Specific Gravity of profile: Typical test 1.472 6ms c.c

If you have any specific questions relating to specifications for double glazed windows, then please contact us or phone 0800 389 0595.


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