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Standard upvc window specification

We manufacture, or fabricate as it's known in the UPVC industry, two window profiles; Shield and Synerjy Blu. Both of these profiles are extruded by a British company called Synseal Extrusions which was established in 1982 by Gary Dutton. We started fabricating Synseal window profiles in 1996 and have been ever since.

If you are placing an order for UPVC double glazed windows, you may want to know a bit more about what you will be getting for your money and how good it is. It's the way that UPVC double glazing is put together that really matters and as a window company we take an enormous pride in making sure we make a UPVC window that is technically perfect as the technology allows. We are always trying to improve one aspect or another of our process because we aim to stay ahead of our competitors and we also really enjoy making UPVC windows and double glazing.

What you get on our windows

  1. ACCURATE DIMENSIONS! You'd be amazed how many of our competitors still cut upvc window profiles using a human , up until 2003 we used to but we invested in a CNC (computer numerically controlled) cutting machine this nifty bit of kit takes a length of profile and cut it to the correct size time after time in fact it so good we bought another basically what i'm saying a window is made up of 2 widths and 2 heights it really helps for the widths to be the same and heights to be the same!

  2. HOLES THAT ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! A upvc window with one opener has eight holes drilled in to it and and around 20 screw holes using the machine as described above the right holes are always in the right place on one of our upvc windows
  3. 70mm OUTER FRAME 70mm refers to the depth of the window outer frame the part that sits next to the brickwork.Because it measures 70mm it covers more of the gap left over the old window which in turn may mean less making good ie plaster/painting on the internal decor
  4. INTERNALLY GLAZED virtually all windows now are internally glazed but there a few exceptions still This means the window has the sealed glass unit held in place by beads on the inside.The biggest benefit means that you can glazed and bead the window from inside the house secondly it is very hard almost impossible to remove the glazing beads from the outside
  5. TWIN  LOCK SYSTEM  The lock we fit to our UPVC double glazing has 4 dead locks that throw either end into a metal  twin keep  with compression cams to compress the weather seals you can also night vent the window ie it is locked in a partially vented position
  6. LOW LINE GASKETS You don't get a dirty black rubber gasket sticking up all the way round the frame,instead ours are are called low line gaskets and are virtually concealed from view
  7. STEEL REINFORCED We steel reinforce our UPVC windows to our own written specifications using rolled steel sections a UPVC window is not load bearing and will not work correctly if it is.Reinforcing is used where necessary on white profiles and exclusively on foil profiles where it is required to counteract thermal expansion.
  8. AN EXTERNAL 150MM CILL Yes we include this item FREE 99% of window will require one
  9. KEY LOCKING HANDLES You can choose white, gold, chrome and black white is standard
  10. STAINLESS STEEL HINGES We use a 4.8mm dia screw specially sourced for this purpose as the opener is the working part of the window
Please refer to our jargon buster page for more info

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